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the forma.lms project

"from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved"

C. Darwin


New logo restyling 2019!

We are proud to introduce a new restyled version of the Forma logo, that better represents the freshness and dinamicity of our long lasting success.

Five years passed since we founded the Forma project with its first release, and it's now time to celebrate with a brand new logo:

logo2019 400px

We put a lot of effort and study in order to mantain the values represented in the original version, while improving it under some important aspects:

  • Modern and usable: this new logo is at the same time simpler and more modern, easier to use for graphical applications, to represent the same care we are putting in creating a modern and smart product.
  • The community inside: since the huge growth of our users community and the creation of the forma.association, participation has become one of the most important values in our project. For this reason we decided to put YOU inside the new logo, while rising your hand in a high-five to Forma!

A more general restyling will be soon applied to all the project sites, with dedicated logo versions for the association and its members members. 

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