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Academy Foundation: Create a Home for your Digital Academy

Design and create your corporate Digital Academy, starting from the foundations: what are the first essential steps to make to give your project a solid foundation and start it in the right direction, making the best choices from the very beginning?


Good! You have decided to create a Digital Academy in your company. But where do you start?
As with any project, let's start from the foundations: in order to function well a Corporate Digital Academy needs a solid organizational and technological system on which to develop digital training activities, after haveing clearly defined objectives, activities and tools, elements which will also complexively affect the fixed costs structure of your academy.

There are 3 aspects to face and deepen to give your DA a foundation and a solid structure:

1) Organizational Analysis

It may seem obvious, but the first step is to decide where you want to go: clearly identify the goals as well as the organizational and technological boundaries of your Digital Academy project. You will have to clearly define the purpose of your academy and consider which internal resources to put into play, which services to purchase in outsourcing and what are the time boundaries and the regulatory perimeter in which you operate. An important part of the fixed costs and the general implementation roadmap depend on these decisions.


2) LMS implementation and startup

The "Learning Management System" is the technological heart of every Digital Academy, the platform that will allow you to organize and deliver your training projects. It is not enough to ask around "what is the best platform in the world" but you have to find the best platform for you. It is time to choose your LMS and implement it based on the decisions made through organizational analysis. In particular, you will need to evaluate:

  • Functionalities, in particular those relating to the organization of users and content (multi-client, catalogs, automation, etc.),
  • Supply model, choosing a solution that allows you the best compromise between cost, marginality and the possibility of evolving the system exactly in the direction you need. Will you choose a saas, on-premise, open source, open-cloud solution…. ? 

3) Technological Integration

No platform is an island: your LMS will most likely have to "dialogue" with an ecosystem of other business applications, so it is important to carefully understand and design data flows and relationships between the different components.
For example: you may want to implement "Single Sign On" functions with the site or an intranet on which users are already logged in, or you may want to validate the authentication with your company Active Directory, or maybe you could import the personal data from an HR management software, or export the status of user training towards your security management system.
In short, there is a lot of very important technical stuff to decide here!


Building Digital Academies: Download our Practical Guide by Goals

Well, today we have seen what the pillars on which to base your DA are: an organizational vision, a solid technological system, and the technical and organizational integration with the other services of your company. And we are just at the beginning! For even more practical and operational information, you can download our ebook "Building Digital Academies": a "practical guide by objectives" that summarizes and synthetically organizes all the important things to know and do to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy .

20 Pages, 4 Sections, 12 Topics, 31 Goals to be achieved, illustrated through a series of key questions and very practical indications that will help you design a tailor-made guided path for you, without forgetting anything: download it now! 

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