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The power of Storytelling in Digital Learning: examples & best practices

Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch our hearts, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint images in our mind. Do you want to take stock of a story or raise questions? Tell a story. (Janet Litherland)

Our hunger for stories is a reflection of man's fundamental need to understand life patterns - not only as an intellectual exercise, but as a personal emotional experience. Here, in these characteristics, the power of ???????????? is hidden.

Storytelling is a very powerful writing technique that manages to persuade the public in a much more effective way than classic advertising formats because it has the great advantage of involving the interlocutor from an emotional point of view even more than a rational one. The concept of Storytelling was born in the field of literature and rhetoric, it refers to that communication technique which consists in telling a story to arouse the interest and attention of an audience by transmitting a certain message in order to persuade it to perform a specific action. It is also applied in the corporate context where it is called Storytelling Management or Corporate Storytelling. In this case, the use of a narrative format aims at promoting the brand and / or its corporate products. One of the main objectives of corporate storytelling is to communicate through stories, a narrative universe of values, feelings and behaviors of a brand or product to share it with a target audience. This activity is the result of a strategy that must take into account channels and languages ​​that are able to create mnemonic distinctiveness and memorability in the eyes of the consumer. Marketing, however, is not the only area of ​​application of storytelling management. From the corporate world, the need to work on involving people during online learning paths is getting stronger and stronger.

What better way than to tell stories? Here are some examples.

Management training

The challenge of L&D professionals has always been to fill the skill gap by creating innovative and captivating formats. It is now known that if a user is involved he learns faster and with greater enthusiasm. Trainers and training planners spend sleepless nights defining programs that involve participants comprehensively.

What better way than to tell stories?

WorkAble is a project intended for the professional training of job coaches. This project is inspired by “????? ????????”, one of the most famous paintings by the famous artist Van Gogh. The result is a real ?????????? ?? ????????????? made up of engaging contents, challenges and tasks to be completed. By completing the proposed didactic activities, the player will see the picture come together fragment by fragment.


Compulsory training

Training on Anti-Corruption is one of the strategic measures to prevent corupture is one of the "pillars" to build the new culture of legality and integrity also in the light of the indications of the National Anti-Corruption Plan. What strategies to adopt to effectively transfer some key concepts? ACH, a superpowered character who has the task of foiling all the corruption attempts that emerged during the comic, takes care of it.


Develop digital skills

An interplanetary journey within the DIGI-VERSO, a galaxy made up of planets with well-informed life forms on the most important notions related to Digital Transformation. The user is responsible for acquiring digital tools and skills capable of reviving the fortunes of a company in crisis. Thus began Digital Journey, a training course on the process of integrating digital technologies into all aspects of production realities and, increasingly, also in everyday life. The scenario of the training activities to be completed at each stage of the path is represented by a different planet, whose population expresses the best practices relating to the subject matter.

If you can create emotions, you get attention. If you have emotion and attention, you create learning. Involvement doesn't just mean special effects and fireworks. Create stories to intrigue and stimulate attention, only in this way will you contribute to making learning enjoyable and effective. It is precisely for this reason that our company never renounces the use of metaphors and stories in corporate digital training courses.




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