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Dealing with Training Organizations: Making Work Simpler and More Effective

We've been working with training organizations for many years now and we've succeeded in breaking the initial barrier of skepticism about elearning and in helping them work more effectively.

We have been working with the "pioneers" in this field since 2006. We've dealt with many training organizations and were repeatedly faced with the same recurring behaviors. This is why we won't name a specific company but generically talk about Skeptical Ltd.

When, many years ago, we started trying to convince Skeptical LTD of the opportunities of elearning, we always received the same answers:

  • "But... we've always offered classroom courses"
  • "But... what if the online course cannibalizes the classroom?"
  • "But... our customers have never asked for it"
  • "But...it costs too much"

How did we win skepticism? 

When 2012, in Italy, the agreement between state and regions was signed, more and more customers started asking for online courses.

Afterward, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the request further and exponentially grew both for asynchronous courses and for webinars.

Funny enough, at this point, Skeptical LTD  found itself not only selling courses, including customized courses, but in some cases selling entire platforms to their customers.

Proudly, we were their "enablers" and definitely helped them to stay on the market and thrive in a time of great change.

This success can be translated into:

  • Several thousands of users trained throughout Italy (on safety and other topics)
  • about 15-20 training institutions served with different operating methods (shared or dedicated platforms).

How do Forma and Elearnit help training organizations?

Here are several ways in which Forma and Elearnit can help training organizations:

  • We can provide dedicated BUT also shared LMS at 0 fixed costs, charging only for courses;
  • we are willing to let our customer manage their own customers,  invoice included;
  • we also teach our customers to sell e-learning and set up their own digital academies;

Elearnit's twelve steps help organizations develop their digital training offer; digitize their content to create their unique and unbeatable catalog, find the best partners to complete their elearning course offer, define their unique mix of methodology and technology and integrate theri traditional training offer with new blended solutions. In this way, organizations become autonomous in seizing opportunities, being proactive, and knowing dos and donts.



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