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Three case history and best practices to train sales manager

Sales network personnel play a crucial role within a corporate organization, determining its success and competitive advantage. The sales force represents a company funcion able to establish a very first contact with the outside world: cutomers and market.

In fact they study market developments, address customers needs and expectation and they are the ones who sell and sponsor corporate products. For these reasons, the sales network personnel must be constantly updated on company developments and informed as soon as possible on new products and services. As a result, investing in training the sales network is a strategic aspect since it determines not only an improvement in performance but also the capitalization of company know-how.

Over the years, to accomplish this need, companies have created so-called sales academies: internal structures capable of managing training courses for the sales network. Although the sales academy is a widespread solution in companies, it is not the optimum and organizations love to experiment with new solutions, some more classic, others highly innovative that use digital learning solutions.

In this article we share with you the three most representative case history that represent three different solutions implemented by Grifo multimedia to meet the needs exposed by some of our customers.

The first solution

One of our clients, a well-known international company operating in the insurance sector, contacted us to train its agents located throughout the country. Specifically, company’s need was to train, organize meet and assist thousands of users with a tool that could guarantee the synchronous mode without having to bear huge costs for classrooms, movements of sales staff and teachers. We came up with the solution of using the Adobe Connect Pro virtual classroom, an effective and immediate tool that allows you to organize seminars, webinars or remote meetings with the ability to record the event to review it at any other time. The advantages of this solution are manifold, starting with low construction costs and ending with better time management for teachers and participants. To this must be added the total autonomy and immediacy in planning and organizing events. The big advantage of using Adobe virtual classroom is the opportunity of integrate this tool with Forma LMS platform!

The second solution

The second case history is more like a real sales academy. Our client, a leading company in the telco sector, had the need to define for the sales agents a training course capable of accompanying their entire corporate career: from joining the company up to the various certification levels. The growth path, focused on training activities to be carried out in the classroom or in e-learning, provided for productivity constraints and motivational and psycho-aptitude interviews with experts. To meet these needs, our team created a training course within Forma LMS which included: advancement of the agent within the training course, information flow on the sales of individual agents, certification assigned by an external body and reporting on training activities carried out by agents. The added value? First of all, the integration between training activities and sales results and from a motivational point of view, this solution has stimulated agents to believe in a path of growth aimed at improving their performance.

The third and final solution

The last case history mentioned is the most innovative and engaging. Our client, a well known, manufacturer of capsules and coffee machines, has expressed the need to reach, train, inform, update and retain the sales staff who, in the context of the chains of the Large-scale Specialized Distribution (GDS), find themselves proposing to the public its products together with those of competitors. To meet our customer needs, we created a gamification portal, 100% focused on the sales network training using microlearning, mini-games and sales support services. This game based solution generated entusiasm, collaboration and participation among users.

Three different cases, each one responding to a specific need and yet all have the same objectives: enhance sales performance, increasing business results. Those goals can be achieved if organizations invest in people and their abilities; the only true asset of a company value.

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