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ECM Pack: A Perfect Set of Plugins for Those Providing ECM Courses

ECM Pack is a set of Plugins designed to enrich Forma Lms with some important features for compliance with the Agenas ECM regulation. Let's find it out together!

 If you use Forma LMS to manage ECM courses, this set of plugins is perfect for you. The ECM Pack consists of 4 distinct plugins:

  • Tax code checks
  • National system of professions and disciplines
  • Conditional certificates
  • Sending Agenas test

Let's look at them one at a time:

Tax Code Advanced Checks

The quality of the personal data collected is essential to guarantee that the final reports sent to Agenas are accepted and that members are effectively accredited. For this reason, the ECM Pack includes advanced data controls and procedures that guide the user during registration, in order to avoid identification errors.

When the user registers on the platform, the system checks first of all whether the user is present. If users are already listed, the system invites them to log in with their credentials or to recover their password.

In addition to this, upon registration, the system verifies the formal correctness of the Tax Code based on date and place of birth. The control is aimed at managing cases of homocodia and is non-blocking.


National System of Professions and Disciplines

The platform is designed to manage data relating to users' professions and disciplines and integrates:

  • The complete list of professions and disciplines, managed with separate and dynamically connected fields;
  • The possibility for users to enter multiple disciplines for their profession.

Of course you want professionals to be able to register independently in your ECM system and enter their personal information. Natively, Forma does not have "linked" fields between the nation and the region-province-municipality, nor between the profession and the discipline. This plugin adds these fields to Forma and then allows you to correctly use the conditional certificates that are precisely linked to the disciplines.

Each field "unlocks" only when the previous one is filled in. Except for those born abroad, for whom the Region-Province-Municipality fields are not necessary.

The same applies to "linked" professions and disciplines. Those who have more than one specialization can enter up to 3 disciplines.

The system also includes the Freelancer/Contracted/Employee fields and those for enrollment in the register.


Conditional certificates

The automatic certificate generation system already included in Forma is enhanced to allow:

  • Integration with the system of professions: certificates are issued only if the user belongs to a discipline field for which the course is accredited.
  • The issue of accreditation certificates and/or certificates of attendance based on the compilation of specific objects (e.g. satisfaction questionnaire) even if these are not end-of-course indicators


Agenas Questionnaire

Forma's satisfaction questionnaire is enriched with this plugin. Thanks to ECM Pack, if the user so wishes, the questionnaire filled out by the user can be anonymously sent to Agenasonce it has been saved.

Forma's Native functionalities of Forma for ECM 

The above-mentioned plugins enrich Forma, which already natively holds all of the other necessary features:

  • Double or triple randomization of tests;
  • Participant's identity check through username and password;
  • Ability to suspend test compilation after X errors;
  • Materials-tests sequentiality;
  • Automatic generation of certificates, that can be downloaded by the user himself;
  • Public course catalogue;
  • Possibility of extracting XLS reports useful compile the Agenas report file.


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