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Forma LMS Plugins

Do you want to extend, integrate and customize your platform? Check out our plugins list!

Expand your platform with our plugins, add the features you need to turn it into exactly the right tool for your online training projects.

Create and Customize your Templates with Templedit

With Templedit you can easily create and customize your Forma templates online with a simple user interface. In the past, graphic changes to Forma templates had to be done manually, but now, thanks to Templedit, you can modify existing templates or create new ones with a couple of clicks.

Send Course Reminders with Course Alert

If you need to send reminders to your course participants, Course Alert is the plugin for you, as it introduces a new notification function that automatically sends personalized course reminders. For each reminder you can set a standard or a customized notification text and a schedule. 

Manage your Microlearning with Lotify

Lotify is Ideal for microlearning projects as it allows you to send scheduled emails or SMS notifications when learning materials are published.  When this happens, Lotify will send email or sms notifications to registered users, who will be able to access the material directly, even from their smartphone.

Generate extra documents for your course with Doko

Doko is a plugin automatically generating and sending certificates and useful end-of-course documentation for users and their contacts. Particularly suitable for regulatory compliance, occupational safety, or funded projects, Doko allows you to generate additional documentation and to automatically send it by email at the end of the course.

Create a Landing Page for Each Course with Landing Generator

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With Landing Generator it is possible to automatically generate a personalized login and registration page for each course, with a dedicated url. The created page will show the course logo and it will be possible to automatically add users who register to a specific node. Also, the custom fields of the registration form can be different from the standard one.

Become compliant with the AGENAS regulation with ECM Pack

ECM Pack is a set of Plugins designed to enrich Forma Lms with some important features for compliance with the Agenas ECM regulation. If you use Forma LMS to manage ECM courses, this set of plugins is the right one for you. The ECM Pack consists of 4 distinct plugins.

Integrate your Platform with a Video Conferencing Tool: Keymeeting and GoToWebinar

With Keymeeting and GoToWebinar, you can create webinars with a single click and directly register users from Forma. You can also send the appropriate notifications and know – directly from Forma – how many and which users are registered. You can also give users the ability to sign up on their own and integrate reporting as well as some administrative functions.

Transform your LMS into a Powerful Assessment Analysis System with Test360° and Test Charts

You can extend the Forma LMS "Evaluation Register" functionality module with two plugins: Test Charts and Test360°. This allows you to adapt the platform even more to your needs. In particular:

  • Test Charts allows you to export details of the answers provided by users and to create charts showing test results, aggregated by question category;
  • Test360° allows you to create self-assessment tests and compare them with automatic and customizable report graphs.

Effortlessly Upgrade your Courses with Retraining

Retraining enriches the standard platform with a series of features designed to periodically offer new versions of the same course to users. Particularly suitable for compliance and security courses, Retraining automates the process of updating your courses,  freeing you from manual management and adding several important reporting features for administrators and notifications for users.

Find Out What's Going On on Your Platform with Audit Trail 

The Audit Trail plugin records in a special "log" all the operations performed on the platform, concerning in particular creation and deletion of users, modification of users' personal data, enrollment and unenrollment in courses. You can set up the system by choosing exactly the details you need. The log will tell you exactly who changed what and where on the platform.

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