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Login Integration, Government and Security

SPID and CIE become part of the authentication methods of forma.lms. Although this example is specifically Italian, Joint Technologies could develop it for other countries when requested.

Nowadays, the need for secure, integrated authentication methods is growing steadily.  It's enough to say that in 2021 alone, citizens' digital identity requests more than doubled compared to previous years (they went from 12.2 million in 2020 to 26.1 million in 2021, with accesses around 430 million over the course of the year).  (Source: Poste.it). The desire to have a single login for different sites / organizations is increasingly felt and the demand to integrate this type of access with forma.lms has almost become a necessity. Equally important, although less widespread, is the method of access via CIE (Electronic Identity Card).

LMS systems are no exception; the request to access forma.lms with SPID (Public System of Digital Identity) or with CIE is constantly increasing. To meet these needs, Joint Technologies has created two plugins for forma.lms that integrate perfectly into the LMS authentication system and allow for easy, fast and secure authentication. After installing and configuring the plugins, the forma.lms authentication page looks like this:


The two boxes relating to the two new authentication systems appear on the right. When the user authenticates with SPID or CIE, the standard authentication procedures are shown, defined by the AgID Authority which is responsible for managing digital identities.

For example, if we select the SPID box, the procedure follows its course:


By entering the username and password in the selected SPID provider, the information that will be transmitted to the site will be displayed:


 Once consent has been given using the "Confirm" button, the user will also be authenticated in forma.lms.



The configuration procedure is organized and guided in various sections. There is a special menu in the Administration area:

 The settings can be configured via a suitable interface:

Depending on the settings defined, a user can be created on first login with SPID or CIE if it does not exist. The criterion used by the plugin to establish the correspondence between the SPID / CIE user and that of forma.lms is the tax code. If enabled, the other authentication mechanisms of forma.lms (for example native authentication) are still available. User authentication can be linked to the SPID method only, or to the CIE only, or to the method already defined in forma.lms as an alternative to SPID and CIE. The plugin can be configured to use the different security levels of SPID / CIE.A

The development of this plugin proves that the world of forma.lms is expanding, keeping up with the ever-changing needs of its users. Forma.lms is a modern and constantly evolving system, and for every new need that arises there is a trained and competent team that satisfies, addresses and solves users' needs. Besides Italy, JT has already developed a similar plugin for its Australian users.


Joint Technologies SPID plugin: Autenticazione SPID - Joint Technologies - forma.lms plugin (joint-tech.com)

Joint Technologies CIE plugin: Autenticazione CIE - Joint Technologies (joint-tech.com)

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