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The 2Factor Authentication plug-in enables two-factor “strong authentication”: this requires users to enter, in addition to the usual password, a time-based One Time Password (TOTP). This password is generated by a two-factor authentication application that users will have previously installed on their smartphone.

With the 2Factor Authentication plug-in, built according to the TOTP (Time-based One-time Password algorithm) technology standards, it is possible to activate two-factor authentication for students, teachers and administrators: for these users, authentication verifies that they own the smartphone that they have previously configured to access the site.

Using the 2Factor Authentication plug-in, for users whose authentication is configured with two factors. So, the authentication process on forma.lms becomes the following:

  • On first access, users will have to scan a QR code with any two-factor authentication application compatible with TOTP technology (e.g. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.);
  • Users will have to complete the two-factor authentication enabling process via the QR code generated by forma.lms plugin to validate their smartphone;
  • Once the configuration is complete and activated, in addition to the usual password, users will now also have to enter the numeric code generated by the two-factor authentication application to log in.

This plug-in give a significant improvement to the security of your forma.lms installation, and guarantee a high-level security protection for your teachers, students, and users in general.

Moreover, being compatible with the most popular TOTP two-factor  software, it makes the plug-in usable with any mobile device.





 2.3 or higher


 PHP 7.0 or higher



This forma.lms plugin allows you to set a reminder (or more) sent by email about user deadlines on the most interesting courses, even for all courses.

It is possible to set two warning levels (“Warning” and “Danger”) which are triggered if the expected event does not occur within the configured number of days.

Events that can be monitored related to the courses are:

  • course expiration
  • course access
  • inactivity on the course (access to one of the course materials)
  • course start (first access to the course)

Events that can be monitored related to users are:

  • system access (first access to the system)
  • inactivity on the system (last access to the system)

The possible settings of the Reminder are:

  • Number of days notice
  • Update frequency

Product features

Platform: forma.lms

Version: 2.0 or higher

Technology: PHP

License: Commercial


The plugin for foma.lms “SPID Authentication” is a specific feature to allow authentication via SPID to forma.lms users.

SPID, the italian Public Digital Identity System, is the solution that allows you to access all the online services of the Public Administration and of the participating private entities with a single Digital Identity (username and password) usable by computers, tablets and smartphones.

With this plugin, e-learning service providers that uses forma.lms can offer their users Level 1 authentication service via SPID.

Product features

Platform: forma.lms
Version: 2.3 or higher
Technology: PHP 7.0 or higher
License: Commercial

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