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Onboarding app: 5 advantages for companies and new hires

What is my place here?

Does this organization meets my expectation?
Is this organization ok for me? 
These are the main insecurities that coexist with the enthusiasm of the first day of work of a person on the eve of his entry into the company. The answers he will provide, first of all to himself, will determine not only the quality of the placement, but also the job performance and the turnover rates. The welcome, the mutual knowledge, the discovery of the places where organizational life takes place, far from being simply good deeds, obviously play a strategic role. From this point of view, they represent the lifeblood of organizational success. 
What strategies to introduce to load DAY1 with value and meaning?
In addition to the classic reception procedures, a suggestion comes from the extensive use of smartphones and technology. We are talking about transferring the onboarding process to "almost everything" apps to always stimulate users' curiosity and at the same time give the image of a company in step with the times. Let's see together what could be the possible benefits of using an onboarding app to support the reception process.
Reduce turnover
It is common practice to start involving new hires in advance to ensure greater commitment. Within many companies, the turnover risk still remains frighteningly high, especially as regards the new generations of workers. For this reason it is important to adopt an attraction strategy that involves people even before the fateful DAY1 !. Having signed the hiring letter, the HR team can provide access credentials to an onboarding app: from that moment on, a world to explore opens up! New recruits will be able to familiarize themselves with their new job before they even physically join it. And they can do it at home, at a safe and comfortable pace, without the pressure of a new physical environment to explore.
Discover the office
The onboarding app allows the newly hired to scan the office spaces even before the official entrance! Thanks to the presence of virtual maps, people can freely navigate the shared spaces, discover the coffee room, the canteen, meeting rooms and the boss's offices! But it doesn't end there. By connecting to the app, new recruits will be able to consult the company organization chart thus storing key figures and profiles and direct reports.
Provide practical advice
If DAY1 gets closer and closer, anxiety and questions appear in the mind of a young graduate. How do I get to the workplace? Where to go for lunch? Can I reach the company by public transport? These questions are answered by connecting to the onboarding app. Thanks to geolocation, the app can give suggestions on the nearest metro stations, bus connections, private car parks and car sharing closest to the office. Small tricks that will make joining the company easy and streamlined.
Collect info
The onboarding app represents a valuable tool for gathering information deemed strategic for the company: policies, procedures, employment contracts, company benefits etc. Access to information becomes simple and immediate, without having to appeal to the help of your manager.
 Reach teams abroad
A multinational company with offices located all over the world will no longer have great difficulty reaching people located overseas. The app with multilingual function will facilitate access to information also for all those working abroad.
The first months of life of a new employee are fundamental to lay the foundations for a fruitful relationship, the establishment of mutual trust and the possibility of achieving the expected levels of performance quickly. Ensuring a good start is a fundamental condition for ensuring a lasting and satisfying relationship on both sides. Not managing this process can represent a significant cost for companies that could see the newly hired talents run away, showing a strong need to feel "welcomed" and addressed from the early stages of their new professional path and, above all, not they seem to be afraid of changing if not fully satisfied with their corporate reality. Technology proves to be a valid support in times like these where human contact is reduced and learning times require speed and immediacy in responses.

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