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GDPR: Forma Lms for Privacy Compliance

Forma Lms also adapts to the privacy legislation: here are the features for compliance with the GDPR. 

Your favorite e-learning platform is completely compliant with the regulations on the processing of personal data .

If you use an LMS and one of your users (employees, partners and customers) is based in the European Union, you will have to ensure that data collaction and the management of data inside your LMS are compliant with the GDPR Regulation, even if your organization is not based in the EU. Non-compliance has a high price, therefore co-operating with an LMS vendor (or adopting an LMS) that guarantees a full, easy and efficient compliance is in your best interest. 

Of course, GDPR compliance is not only managed with the LMS: you will still have to rely on correctly organized procedures, to appoint Data Protection Officers and to have a correctly written Policy. 

We strongly advise to engage your IT and your legal department on this topic. 

1 - Privacy policy management (and compliance by design)

The default information must be entered through the appropriate policy management function that you find in the configuration menu . The system allows you to manage more information, to reset the status of the consents if the text is changed (so users must reconfirm it), and requires you to set a default information, obviously keeping track of all the consents in the database.

In this way, moreover, if you have a multi-client installation , you can correctly manage different policies for each client by assigning them to different organization chart nodes!

2 - Controls on consent

Even users who are imported or registered manually by an admin are required to consent at the time of the first login. Obviously this configuration is optional, because you may have already collected the consent outside the platform, but it is independent from the other configuration options, and it is essential for a correct tracking of consents for the "accountability " of your e-learning projects.

3 - The helpdesk form

The helpdesk form is a sensitive point for privacy, because it allows you to send the tutors some personal data necessary for assistance to your users, such as the telephone number, the IP address, the browser and the screen resolution: there is therefore a small customizable mandatory consent disclaimer on the form. 

4 - Compliance by Default

For first-time installers, the “factory presets” allow the platform to be already optimally configured from the first click, so your new projects will already be compliant without the need for further checks or configurations.

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