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Want to be a Forma Lms PRO? Join our live training courses!

Everybody on this blog and on the forum loves Forma Lms, but are you sure you already know how to use all the features in your favorite LMS? And - more important - are you able to find the right solution for your use case? We've been asked for years to provide some training opportunities, and here we are! 2020 has been a challenging year so far, so one of the founding fathers of Forma, Elearnit with their Elearnit Academy, have taken the time to redesign their events calendar. And we at Forma.association are proud to sponsor it. 


Faraway, so close

We know that meeting phisically is better, the reasons would be endless. But we cannot reduce all the potential advantages of remote training to a sad second-best, waiting for better times (we don't know when  better times will come, and how they will look like). Online training was a resource before the pandemic, it's even more so now. 

We planned a list of courses that you can follow from home in live streaming with us. 

So, we listened to you and we planned a full calendar of live training events. All events are in Italian (events for English-speaking users will be planned if there is a request).
The advanced course on our beloved Lms platform will be the first one!

Forma Lms

Two events in live streaming

October 7th + October 21st - 3 PM to 5 PM


A full immersion to learn how to use your favorite LMS for your elearning projects. Creating courses, uploading materials, enrolling users, monitoring the redemption, using the catalogs, roles and skills, using Forma as a multi-customer portal, using enrolment policies and much much more!

Read more details and subscribe here: https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/74-forma-lms-corso-live.html



Progettare contenuti e-learning - Corso LiveDesigning e-learning content

Two events in live streaming

October 14th + October 28th - 3 PM to 5 PM

Do you want to learn how to design and start creating your e-learning course from scratch? With this course you will know where to start, what to pay attention to and which methodologies to use.

Read more details and subscribe here: https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/71-progettare-contenuti-e-learning-corso-live.html




 Vendere l'e-learningSelling e-learning

4 live meetings: November 4th & November 18th + December 2nd & December 9th - 3 PM to 5 PM

Learn more about business models, strategies and tricks to win in the online courses market live with us!
Read more details and subscribe here: https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/70-vendere-l-e-learning-4-incontri-live.html

On-line asynchronous course - Always active
From the platform to the course catalog: discover in less than two hours the business models, strategies and tricks to win in the online courses market!
Read more details and subscribe here: https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/60-corso-on-line.html


iSpring Suite Essentials - Corso Live

iSpring Suite Essentials + Vyond Studio Essentials

Four events in live streaming
November 11th & 25th - 3 PM to 5 PM
iSpring Suite
is the simplest software to create e-learning courses starting from existing Power Point presentations. Read more details and subscribe here:https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/72-ispring-suite-essentials-corso-live.html

December 16th & 17th - 3 PM to 5 PM
online animation software allows you to easily create professional animated videos for all industries, especially in e-learning. Read more details and subscribe here: https://elearnit.net/digital-academy/eventi/75-vyond-studio-essentials-corso-live.html




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