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The use of Virtual Coach in Corporate Training

Would you like to connect to the corporate Academy and find a virtual assistant ready to guide you in the hours dedicated to training?

Day by day, you can learn about your professional profile; duties and responsibilities, habits and preferences. It encourages you to fill the skill gap by indicating content to learn, skills to improve and training objectives to achieve. His name is virtual coach and he is a valid ally in your professional growth path. In addition to being a support for your training, the virtual coach stimulates your professional growth by indicating to the user the open positions in line with the opportunities for professional growth provided by your role. A virtual coach is an intelligent agent that can be installed within any application (LMS - learning management system, an applied game, an ERP - enterprise resource planning, etc). It can take the form of an animated agent or communicate with the user thanks to push notifications. The virtual coach connects to the database of the host system, and profiles the users, the processes and everything necessary to achieve the educational and motivational objectives.

 Is it the future? No! From today all this is possible thanks to a virtual coach model conceived and developed by our team of project managers & software developers. The result is a virtual assistant able to provide tailored advice just like a traditional coach would. Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence system, the virtual coach is able to suggest to the user the courses to follow, the tests to be completed or the insights to read and is able to direct the user in the choice of courses based on his skill gap , as it would happen in a personal session with the coach.
Based on the training objectives setted by your manager, the virtual coach can:
  • suggest training material to be studied on the basis of preferences demonstrated or aimed at filling the training gaps detected
  • suggesting tests to evaluate the user's knowledge or games to evaluate their aptitudes or skills
  • send reminders on activities to be done or share progress based on a previously performed skill gap analysis
  • suggest upskilling and reskilling activities
All this will contribute to savings and greater accuracy of the analysis: the virtual coach provides answers built and formulated with an automatic system, without the need for manual controls that require the use of internal resources and a greater margin of imprecision.
Thanks to the combined use of AI & virtual coaches, professional development is thus transformed into an intuitive, stimulating and tailor-made path.

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