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Creating a Corporate Digital Academy: a Practical Guide by Goals

Creating a Digital Academy (DA) is a process that touches various and often distant areas such as skills, markets, technology, organization, marketing, content, methodologies… yet, you need a map to orient yourself among all these aspects.

After 15 years of experience and hundreds of small and large digital academies created together with our customers, here is Elearnit's “practical guide organized by goals” to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.

What Is a "Corporate Digital Academy"?

We can define a "Corporate Digital Academy" as the set of assets, tools, and procedures through which a company organizes and manages training processes using digital technologies for the delivery of content and services.

In a nutshell: do you want to implement an online course catalog for your employees? Here you are: you need a Digital Academy. Do you want to implement a platform to sell training courses to your customers? A DA is the answer. In short, if you want to systematically carry out more or less digitized training activities in a stable and structured way, you need to focus on creating a "Digital Academy".

We are therefore basically talking about corporate training, with two types of organization and objectives:

  • Corporate: companies that want to implement an internal DA for the internal training of their staff;
  • Providers: companies that want to expand their business space by selling elearning courses and digital services for training

Obviously, it is not enough to install a LMS to be able to claim to have implemented a Digital Academy, but you need a broader organizational reasoning on content, planning and strategy. In short, at the base of a true Corporate Digital Academy there must be an entrepreneurial vision.


How is this done?

To tell the truth, everything is within reach: technology, services, content as well as an active and expanding market. What you need to create your Corporate DA is available at low cost and is not so time consuming.

However, at the same time, the process you will go through touches very distant areas and therefore involves very different skills; the risk of underestimating some aspect or getting lost and stumbling into some unexpected difficulty is just around the corner.


This is why it is important to approach the creation of a corporate DA as a real guided path, with a structured approach that allows you to plan activities, estimate costs, organize resources, predict the return on investment: like a real business plan, in short.


Building Digital Academies: Download our Guide Organized by Goals

After 15 years of experience and hundreds of small and large digital academies created together with our customers, we have now condensed our working method in a small ebook, a "practical guide by goals" summing up and synthetically organizing all the important things you need to know and to do in order to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.

20 Pages, 4 Sections, 12 Topics, 31 Goals, illustrated through a series of key questions and very practical indications that will help you design a tailor-made guided path for you, without forgetting anything.

Download our ebook and start asking yourself the right questions to define and achieve the goals of your Digital Academy.



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