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E-learning Trends 2021

If in 2020 due to the covid19 pandemic, e-learning has gained a new strategic value, in 2021 some elements will contribute to enhance the online learning experience. The world economic forum estimates that the global online education market expects to reach 350 billion dollars by 2025. If online training remains the privileged means to bridge the skill gap, what will be the evolutions that await us in 2021 a continuous learning program?


 Here is a summary of the main trends:
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a system - hardware and software - to perform certain tasks and activities by simulating reasoning systems used by the human mind. Among the possible applications of artificial intelligence there is also e-learning: in the context of online learning, a practical example of artificial intelligence can easily be identified in an eLearning chatbot or in the presence of a Virtual Coach. The virtual coach is an intelligent assistant, able to guide the user towards the choice of the training path considered most appropriate based, for example, on: conversations carried out - through natural language processing,
data collected from reporting. In this way, a real adaptive and custom learning can be implemented, tailored to the aspirations and interests of the users. Learning thus becomes more focused and oriented towards improving the knowledge of the individual participant.
Learning Analytics relate to the use of data collected by Digital Learning systems to provide users with a complete learning environment. These data specifically concern: user progress, test results, course completion rates, the efficiency of online training or any other data relevant to corporate training. In addition to supporting the effectiveness of digital learning, the adoption of analytics allows you to customize learning content and test the effectiveness of various learning theories and strategies. The collection and analysis of this data is crucial because it allows HR managers to adapt training to the specific needs of their employees and collaborators.
The real challenge of a training project is the engagement of people it involves. Offering users a solid learning experience is essential, and the solutions available on the market are increasingly innovative. The integration between eLearning and AI will favor a greater use of personalized approaches, together with the use of virtual coaches for training. Digital coaches will focus specifically on supporting users, encouraging them to complete courses, suggesting new content and answering their questions. Furthermore, users will be able to decide for themselves which skills to develop, and in what ways. The Learning Experience Platforms, (LXP), are a business training management tool based on the search for learning content. A company's online course library can become very extensive after several years of online training. LXPs do the job of helping learners find the training content they need more easily.
4. MICROLEARNING - Just enough, just in time, just for me
Learning today is based on short and manageable information to learn and immediately apply. On a well-designed microlearning platform it is easy to find information, it has a plethora of content, different formats and everyone can create their own personalized training path. People have less and less time to devote to training and therefore seek answers as quickly as possible to their questions. The increasingly widespread use of this training methodology lies in the fact that it can be used via mobile devices, does not require too much time, integrates very well with agendas and is combined with the digital culture of on-demand.
 Without a doubt, the eLearning trends expected for 2021 will make the online education sector even more sophisticated, personalized and engaging.





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