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Selling Elearning: Start earning with your Digital Academy

Are you a digital training services provider? If training is your business and you want to sell digital content and services, this article is for you.


Find out how the market for elearning platforms and courses works: define your strategic positioning, the best business model for your market, and the most effective pricing strategy for a successful Digital Academy.

Get to know your competitors and develop commercial alliances with reliable partners to complete your elearning course offer and create an unbeatable catalog.

"Ok, but where do I start?" Well, simplifying things a bit, you need to focus on 3 aspects.


1. Market Analysis

If you are a provider of digital training services or you want to become one, in order to compete successfully, it is essential to know this market's rules and actors: who are the customers and competitors, what are the commercial dynamics, and the business models?

Start by doing a market analysis. I strongly recommend that you do not underestimate this phase because you may have surprises and find out that not everything works as it seems. You may even find out that if you know how to position yourself in the right way, no matter how saturated the elearning market may seem, there will still be niches and spaces for you.


2. Business Model

If you carry out a good analysis, you will understand how to orient yourself in the market and identify space for action. Now it's a matter of figuring out how to deal with your "blue ocean": develop an effective business model for your digital training and knowledge management services, and challenge the big elearning sharks in this competitive market. For example: which pricing strategy should you adopt? what are the business models for selling elearning platforms? What models are fit for the sale of asynchronous courses?


3. Marketing & Sales

Now let's take action: you have chosen the boundaries of your market and how to manage it; now you have to start promoting, selling and reaping the benefits of your work.

To do this, you need a strategy and a marketing plan to launch your offer of contents and services. Start planning them immediately: set a budget, choose the channels, evaluate whether to implement an ecommerce system to sell your services online ... and collect great results!


Building Digital Academis: Download our Practical Guide by Goals

If digital training is also your business, then it is even more important for you to approach it with method and competence: to help you in this enterprise, we have summarized the fundamental principles already touched upon in our "Selling Elearning" course in a small ebook : this “practical guide by goals” summarizes and synthetically organizes all the important things to know and to do in order to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.

Download it NOW!

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