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LMS: a good investment?

Is an LMS a good investment? Here are some of the reasons why a company should invest in an LMS platform to design and develop its online training.
There are companies, especially in the small and medium-sized range, that consider investing in an LMS platform an unnecessary expense. Yet, LMS platforms such as Forma are among the best tools a company can use to organize their online training and are therefore among the best investments possible. Let's have a look at some of these advantages.


Knowledge, through learning, is probably the most critical asset for any company willing to stay competitive and alive. And, today, knowledge is delivered and collected digitally. For this reason, investing in employees' continuous training is essential, as it often results in the reduction of employee turnover and in an increase of the company's productivity level. In order for these goals to be achieved and for the ROI (Return On Investment) to be high, however, it's necessary to ensure that the training is effective and affordable at the same time. Choosing the right LMS platform can play a fundamental role as, after the initial investment, the company should have the certainty of having a constantly growing profit every year.
In this regard, Forma LMS is certainly a wise choice. As a matter of fact, Forma's public stable release is available for everyone to download for free, but by becoming a member of Forma Association at a very reasonable and convenient, you can access the latest release, thus benefitting of lots of new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes. 

Accessibility, Flexibility, User-friendliness

An essential reason why a company should invest in an LMS platform is that training is made accessible on different types of electronic devices, anytime and anywhere in the world, thanks to responsive layouts. Employees being able to follow their training anywhere and at any time translates into more effective learning, better time management, and, therefore,  cost reduction. A good LMS, however, should also allow trainers to manage courses easily and be flexible enough to let admins organize users by organization chart, groups, or roles. Furthermore, with the right LMS, it's possible to classify courses based on topics and rework, update and review their content to adapt it to the training needs of your learners.

Forma LMS has a modern and responsive layout and has been specifically designed for the ease of use of students and teachers. With Forma, it's possible to manage many different training materials: scorm multimedia, html pages, embed videos... and create powerful assessments directly with the built-in functionalities managing scores and prerequisites. It's also possible to integrate with a videoconferencing system to create webinars. For the joy of admins, Forma has lots of configuration and automation options for users and courses management, as well as massive edit actions.

Forma LMS is also very easy to customise and integrate. For example, with a single installation, you can manage different templates and URLs to show each client a different platform. You can also add functionalities and customize the platform with the plugin system and custom scripts, or integrate the e-learning platform with your management software.

Goal tracking

One of the key parts of any training, even online, is measuring the participant's level of progress. Through an LMS platform, you can easily know if the learner is progressing, has completed the course, and has achieved the goals set by the course itself. For example, if you have created a regulatory compliance course, you can verify, through specific tests, whether the student has really assimilated the given information and is capable of distinguishing correct behaviors from incorrect ones.
With Forma LMS, you can monitor activities with an advanced tracking system, create countless custom reports and generate pdf certificates upon completion of the courses, with unlimited customizable graphic templates.
What are you waiting for? Choose your platform in order to guarantee the best training to your employees and a good ROI for your company. 


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